BE fearless summit 2020

About the summit

The idea behind Be Fearless Summit stemmed from Alexa Curtis’ experience at many conferences in different cities over the past 5 years. The difference between the Be Fearless summit and regular conferences is that Be Fearless is targeted to a demographic that many of us are still trying to understand: young adults and millennials. Young people are expected to go to college, graduate and have their lives together: but do you know how many young people don’t know what they want to do with their lives, even after graduating college?

Similar to a college career fairs (but better!) we partner with colleges along with select sponsors to help guide young people to be bold and fearless. We give them resources, one-on-one attention from advisors, entrepreneur’s, and other students who have dealt with similar battles (difficulty paying for college, difficulty choosing a degree, fear of failure after college) with the goal that the students will leave feeling empowered and inspired.

Geared towards both young men & women, we anticipate students will leave with knowledge about how likeminded, successful individuals started in their careers. Speakers will range from students with interesting and admirable stories of resilience, to CEOs and marketing professionals at top companies. In the day and age of social media and blogging, the Be Fearless summit encourages authenticity, big dreams and doing something outside of the box.